Where can I buy N64 in Qld Australia


Re: Where can I buy N64 in Qld Australia

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You can get an emulator for pc, as well as download even every game that has ever been released for N64, as a Rom. With using the right settings/configurations and plugins, you can experience N64 games in better performance than the originals. Plus, you get all those for free, in digital format (easily carried/stored/burnt). And emulation of N64 is perfect; you can even emulate the memory cards and gameboy control packs/slots, in which you load a secondary gameboy game in Rom format, such as Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Red/Blue (example). The single best advantage of this method, over getting the original, besides the fact which you keep your money, is which you can save/load instantly, even in games that didnt permit saving the game, or permitted it in specific locations. Emulation is always a win-win situation. Consider it, you will be happy! And this way, you will get to own way too lots of more games, than number you were hoping to achieve (purchase). Even rare ones that no one sells today, can be found for downloading. Good luck!

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